• Scott Turner

Wednesday Sept 4

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Apologies for missing in action for a while the blog disappeared, but has now reappeared. I have maintained my 3 x 4k sessions a week over that time. Yesterdays session a 7/10 level of difficulty - a good session for anyone looking to swim distance swims.

1500 freestyle

500 freestyle skills (lateral kick/single arm one arm extended/single arm one arm by side)/catch up/thumbs up)

4 x 400m on 6.00 (held 5.36s)

400 back/free cool down

It is fair to say I have been shying away from the distance threshold, and felt okay yesterday in the 400s, be nice to get towards 5.20 by the end of summer for these so 1.20s x 100 pace.


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