• Scott Turner

Week 2 Session 2

Hmmm still not feeling it. Here is todays 2k session. There is a small set of 100s free threshold, you want to swim the 100m split that you can swim for a 1500m race per 100m. For example if you swim a 20 minute 1500m freestyle, that equals 15 x 1.20s to total 20 minutes, so your threshold time is 1.20s. For a set of 4 x 100s you will want to swim with about 10 seconds rest per 100m, so you would swim your 100s threshold on 1.30s. If you swim a 25 minute 1500m then that is 15 x 1.40s to total 25 minutes, your threshold time is 1.40s and you would swim your 100s on 1.50s.

400 free

200 kick

200 pull

200 paddles

2 x 200m medleys

100 easy

4 x 100 free* on 1.30 ( I held 1.26s - did not feel good, and would not have looked good either!)

100 cool down


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