• Scott Turner

Week 2 Session 3

2k again, level of difficulty 4/10. A few skills today - rolling free (3 strokes then lateral kick repeat), popov (extension of rolling where as hand recovers from hip elbow is raised and held at vertical for a second before extending forwards), thumbs up (so thumbs drag up into your armpit and elbow is vertical) is a great skill. Breathing x 5 (or x 7 or x 9 etc) freestyle is also very good for building up endurance by restricting oxygen - be sensible about this though especially if you are older - if you are are suffering a bit you need to stop, recover and go again, or drop back as I did today from x 5 to x 3 breaths.

200 free

400 skills (100 single arm/100 rolling/100 popov/100 thumbs up)

400 free breathing 5 (I could only make 75m breathing x 5 then dropped to breathing x 3)

200 free* on 3.00, 100 kick* on 2.30 x 3

100 cool down


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