• Scott Turner

Week 3 Session 1

A nice low level threshold session to start the week. 2k as usual (we will got to 3k next week) with a level of difficulty still at 3/10.

200 free/200 kick/200 pull/200 paddles/200 pull and paddles

400 threshold* (my time 5.48s - date record your time to check your progress going forwards)

100 easy back/free

200 threshold* (my time 2.48s)

100 easy back/free

100 threshold* (my time 1.22s)

100 cool down back/free

My threshold times are not consistent - in reality the 200 free should have been half the 400 free, and the 100 free should have been half the 200 free. What this shows that I am not fit (I did know that!) and I cannot maintain an even pace at a longer distance. Over time, as I get fitter, these times should clean up.


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