• Scott Turner

Week 4 Session 2

Bold Park today. Not feeling great in the water today a bit flat from yesterday still. Stay positive, yes you can. Last week of 2k, level of difficulty 4/10.

5 x 200 - free/free/medley/free/medley

400** time trial. (5.38s, I have dropped 10 seconds each of the last 2 weeks which is a good result and shows that consistency will get you there - if it is any consolation at the 100m turn I was in a bit of trouble - hold your threshold, don't blow yourself up by not pacing the swim. 400 is a long way if you do not think about how you are swimming it)

100 easy free/back

4 x 100* on 1.30 (divide your 400 by 4, and use this as your target time fo reach of the 100s. I swam 1.24s. But if you need 30 seconds rest after each 100m too hold the 1/4 split time, take there extra rest)

100 back/free cool down


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