• Scott Turner

Week 7 Session 2

Pool to myself at HBF stadium. Classic light distance session, failed in the fly/free 50s, I got a bit ahead of myself again, and will have another go in a month or two. It is okay to fail a set from time to time, they aren't meant to be easy, and you can use a failed set as a guide to see your own improvement at a later date - when you make it after a bit more work.

Level of difficulty 5/10.

400 swim

400 pull

400 paddles

400 pull/paddles

16 x 50* on 45 (held 39/40)

100 easy back/free

8 x 50 fly to free on 45 (did not make this set - extra 15s at #4 and #6)

100 cooldown


Go Swimming

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Lords Recreation Centre

3 Price Street, Subiaco, WA, 6008